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FAQ's: For Martial Arts Schools

What Will I Get With My Kids Kick For Free Information Kit?

You Kids Kick for Free Information Kit will include a Kids Kick for Free Journal full of details about the program, your informational kit and examples of how Kids Kick for Free will help you center grow to new heights!

Can I Get My Page On Kids Kick For Free To Look Like My Website?

With Kids Kick for Free every center page looks exactly the same. Remember, we're building a movement that will have one brand to attract hundreds of thousands or millions of families. It's important that we keep as much of the site looking similar for each location. The most important part is getting the families to register and then join at your location. Our goal will be to optimize on all pages for leads, conversions and appointments.

How Do I Request Information To Be A Participating Kids Kick For Free School?

You can request information on becoming a participating Kids Kick for Free school by filling out the form on this page: http://kidskickforfree.com/for-martial-arts-schools/

We will then mail you your informational packet so you can learn all about the program and join the movement with us!

Can I get an area exclusive agreement?

Our goal is to help introduce hundreds of thousands and hopefully millions of kids to martial arts through this movement. If we limit who can participate we will not be able to achieve our goal.

Our bowling program has produced, on average, 2,100 kids per location each summer. The average Martial Arts School couldn't accommodate even half of this. One of our goals will be to find ways to attract the best families in your community as we build this program as most schools couldn't serve anywhere near what our average bowling center can.

The area exclusive option was something that came up A LOT with our bowling centers in the first two years and now we never hear about it at all anymore. In fact, in most markets where we have multiple locations (some cities we have 6-10 centers participating) the average number of participating kids is actually higher than our average. Why? We believe it's because there are more families talking about it and there are more bowling centers promoting it. It's easier to get on TV when it's not just about XYZ Martial Arts, but rather a few schools in your city joining this movement to help get kids off the couch and become our future leaders.

One thing we do offer however, is custom promotional cards with a custom URL so that any information you distribute has your school name on it and a link right to your sign up page.