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FAQ's: For Students

Are there age restrictions to sign up for the 8 free lessons?

Each school sets their own age restrictions. We recommend that you find the center you would like to sign up at and contact them to see what their age restrictions are.

What Do We Do If We Would Like To Continue After Our 8 Free Are Completed?

At the time you complete your lessons (usually before) you’ll sit down to discuss programming options at your school. Many schools will offer you a discount or waived joiner fees if you register for a program during your 8 class trial program.

How long are the classes?

Each school has different programming and you’ll discuss that with the school that you selected during registration.

Where can I find a list of participating schools?

You can find a list of participating schools here: https://www.kidskickforfree.com/locations

You can scroll down the list, or select your state using the green drop down button.

How can I sign up to receive my 8 free lessons?

You can sign up for your child's 8 free lessons by visiting this page: https://www.kidskickforfree.com/locations

Choose your state using the dropdown menu and, select the participating school you would like to sign your child up for lessons at and fill out the information on that page.

After you sign up you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your first lesson!

Can we register for 8 free classes at more than one location?

No. Our goal is to introduce you to a great martial arts school in your community to see if your child might enjoy it. We limit your family to one FREE 8 lesson session for each of your children and only at one location per calendar year. You can’t request from multiple schools in the same marketplace.

Is The Kids Kick For Free Website Payment Secure?

Yes. We use a site that is 100% secure to process all of our payments.

Can we use the classes at any location?

You can only use the 8 FREE classes at the location that you registered at. You’ll set up your first class by calling the school you requested the lessons from. You may also be contacted by the school via email or phone to set up your first visit.

How much are classes after my 8 free lessons?

Each school sets their own lesson prices. Once you set up your first free lesson you can talk with the school about their pricing and options they have available.